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Artist Statement

My art is motivated by experiences of intractable illness and social stigma and it continues to evolve alongside my other coping mechanisms.

I study a broad range of topics which influence my work, including but not limited to: abnormal psychology, ecological sustainability, magical realism, neurology, gender studies, and both classical and modern mythologies.

The bulk of my experience is in photography, theater and literature; additionally, I spend a considerable amount of time experimenting with videography, music production, textiles and illustration.

I am inexplicably enamored with the modern tradition of fashion photography and I reference that type of work to subvert viewer expectations of femininity and beauty.  Ambiguity or fluidity of gender is and has been a major feature of my work for years.  My first experiments with drag were as a child.

Ultimately I consider myself part of a new wave of post-feminist surrealism; I identify with the philosophy, and I mimic the aesthetic.

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