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Glossary of Terms

The following are my definitions for words you will see on this blog, presented in alphabetical order:

exquisite corpse - a game invented by the surrealists, which allows any group of people to create an intriguing piece of art or literature

hypoallergenic - designed to be usable by those with allergies and sensitivities

incontinent - the inability to stop yourself from going potty in your pants

recycled - when objects considered trash are reduced to their raw materials which are then used to create new objects

salvaged - materials that were discarded by the original purchaser, and then re-used or re-purposed by another

spoonie / spoony - a self-applied term used by those with invisible and intractrable illness, based on the essay "The Spoon Theory" written by Christine Miserandino

surrealism - a cultural movement which began in the 1920's, which advanced the belief that everyone can and should create art, and that artistic creativity was an important force of social change and revolution

upcycled - when objects considered trash are creatively used by individuals as the primary material in a new project

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