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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Groomsmen Ties

Etsy has once again proved to be a gold mine for wedding accessories.  I am doing some research for a tie which would be a gift for each groomsmen as well as a stylish accessory to bring continuity to all their outfits on the big day.  I found toybreaker's shop which has a special deal when you buy 6 groomsmen ties at the same time...

The six ties can have any design regularly featured in the shop.

This tie would fit a steampunk theme.

The poppies on this tie would fit natural Art Nouveau themes.

These ties are perfect for an outdoor wedding.

A tie tree pattern like this would also be perfect for a woodland wedding.

The bride mentioned the possibility of using bees in the decorating theme, and these ties would be perfect.

All the ties listed above are microfiber, and more colors for ink and fabric are available!

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