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Saturday, February 6, 2010

Cufflinks for the Groom

Wedding Accessories are next on the wedding planning check list for Andrew and Emily.  Since the groom was not as familiar with Etsy, I started doing some cufflink shopping for him to give him an idea of what's out there in the wonderful world of handmade...

These cufflinks by JMGJewelDesign are functional compasses!  I think they fit with the woodland setting of the wedding, and they definitely add a little fun to the groom's outfit.

These map cufflinks by Bellamodaartist feature the east coast, the area to which Andrew and Emily took a romantic road trip.

These steampunk cufflinks by StJoshua would add a small touch of the techno-surrealism so inherent to the steam punk aesthetic.  They also fit the color scheme of the wedding quite eloquently.

These cufflinks by nouveaumotley are definitely steam punk!  And the copper clock works fit with the copper in the bridesmaid dresses.

Here's another pair of clockwork cufflinks this time by CufflinkConnection.

These smoked topaz cufflinks by SimpleYetElegant are elegant and their warm color would fit well with the color scheme in the wedding party's accessories.

These cufflinks by Cufflinks are definitely playful!  They remind me of the bride and groom because they are both well known for their love of Scrabble.

These eucalyptus wood cufflinks by CASEmethod fit with the warm colors of the wedding while also being a unique way of reflecting the wedding's natural setting.

This is another pair of beautiful wooden cufflinks, this time by dfuss. 

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