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Monday, October 8, 2012

Psychotically Dressy Dance Party

House of Skrink Productions hosted their second themed and costumed dance party in Milwaukee over the weekend.  I joined them for a "Psychotically Dressy Dance Party" and set up a Portland-esque photo booth between the two sets of burlesque performances.

I brought home a pile of fun party favors at the end of the night including a paper lion mask, plastic eye ball rings containing soap and a bubble wand, and a black stick-on beard.  As I mentioned there were burlesque performances by the Brew City Bombshells as well as DJing by DJ Dicknurface and DJAllnitlong.  In my opinion, the highlight of the party was House of Skrink's trademark pile of costumes at the entrance for the few guests who did not show up already in costume.

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