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Thursday, September 12, 2013

Hand-made art-mail care-package giveaway.

 Would you like a hand-made art-mail care-package from me, the one woman surrealist force behind Lunatic and Swan Studios? Well, for a limited time only I will be rewarding anyone who watches my latest short film, "Sometimes the audience just wants a poop joke." and answers a short questionnaire. Just be sure to message me your snail mail address either here or at my Facebook account. Questions may be posted publicly to the YouTube video, here on the blog, or sent privately along with your address.  Digital mail-art packages available upon request.

Here is the link: 

Here is the Questionnaire:

1.) What was your favorite part of the film?
2.) What genre would you put this project in?
3.) What part of the film made you most uncomfortable?
4.) Was this film funny? Did it make you laugh?
5.) What does this remind you of?

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