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Friday, October 11, 2013

The Vow of Quiet: questions from my friend and felllow poet

Eight questions from Emily, my friend and fellow poet, about the Vow of Quiet:

Friday, October 11th, 2013

How has the vow of quiet affected your dreams?
Any changes would have more than one possible culprit.

Do you dream of silent nuns?
I wouldn’t know; I seldom remember more than the faces.

Do you find yourself more drawn to lilies after taking the vow of quiet?
No.  Lilies remind me of funerals, and nothing about funerals has become more appealing in the last week.

Do you ever speak accidentally, in fragments?
Yes.  I often have to transcribe, from memory, things I accidentally say to the cats.  Once I woke from sleep asking, “Is dinner ready?”, but fell asleep again before transcribing it, and then made an artistic choice not to include that in the transcript because no one was there to hear it.

Are animals more drawn to you since taking the vow of quiet?
The only animals I have contact with are cats, who were already drawn to me, to a degree there would be no room for measurable increase.  Ziggy Stardust needs to sit on my lap constantly, and I don’t think there’s anything more than constantly.

Has your sense of smell become stronger?
Perhaps. Sometimes I experience intense smells that do not relate to what’s happening; however, this could be a symptom of an oncoming migraine.  Frequently I worry that I can smell poop more than usual, but I live in a small apartment with two cats, so it’s possible one of them has taken a particularly nasty crap.  Also I worry that I may smell like poop since I do have fecal incontinence.

Do you find yourself alone more?
I am alone most of the time anyway, so no.  However, if chatting with friends and family online is relevant, then yes.

Do you notice shadows more?
No, but now that you mention it, maybe I will.

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