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Thursday, February 6, 2014

Special Edition Packaging for Vedic Eden's newest album: MonoNoAware

The special edition packaging for Vedic Eden's MonoNoAware album was handmade from upcycled cardboard boxes, high quality heavy weight paper, gesso, water color and spray paints, plain and golden sparkly hot glue, acid free spray adhesive, a little tape, and plain white glue.

 It contains a series of hand stamped post cards featuring photography of the band by Alexis Hope Ronsmans tied in a bundle with black ribbon.

It also contains: a flameless LED tea light candle, several smooth pebbles, a handful of miniature silk fall leaves, one white button, a miniature plastic white bird, a colorful feather, and an acorn.

Materials and tools were salvaged whenever possible. Salvaged tools used for this project include a used stapler, a vintage label maker, and a customizable rubber stamp. Salvaged materials include: cardboard, plastic birds, buttons, silk leaves, and some of the paint and adhesives. The only materials or tools purchased new for this project are the photographic prints and the LED candles. 
Acorns gathered by Mario Sharp.

An event celebrating the release of this long awaited album will be held at Brewed Cafe in Milwaukee on February 21st.

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