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Thursday, March 6, 2014

"Civilized Creatures" Photo Hunt Description

Civilized Creatures will be a photo series featuring a collection of handmade felt animal masks, used in portraits taken at The American Club in Kohler, Wisconsin.  The masks are a way to instantly transform any vacation photo into an art print.  They are a costume that can be carried in a purse, used for a few quick shots, and removed again easily.  The animal theme provides a playful contrast to the luxury atmosphere of the resort.  I chose woodland creatures to echo Wes Anderson's recent reinterpretation of Roald Dahl's children book, The Fantastic Mr. Fox.  I chose to use a scavenger hunt style game to generate the images for the series, as an homage to surrealist games.  The two couples will have about 24 hours to make all of their submissions, though the contest will be ended as soon as one team has completed all ten items first and won.  For those who do not use Instagram, and wish to see the results of this project, all submissions will automatically post to this blog.

Photo Hunt List

-Ask someone you do not know to wear an animal mask for a photo  (If it is an employee, tip them well.  If it is another guest, give them the mask they choose.)
-Photograph one of the others, or yourself, appreciating a piece of art while wearing an animal mask.
-Photograph yourself pretending to eat while wearing an animal mask.
-Photograph two people interacting while wearing their animal masks.  
-Ask a stranger to photograph you wearing an animal mask.
-Photograph your reflection in a bathroom mirror while wearing an animal mask.
-Photograph yourself or a friend wearing nothing but a bathing suit and an animal mask.
-Photograph a "selfie" while wearing an animal mask, with something strange behind you.
-Photograph the opposing team in their animal masks.
-Photograph your partner in their pajamas, getting ready for bed, in an animal mask.

Photo Hunt Rules

-Do not photograph people without their permission (even if they are only partially or distantly visible).
-Never photograph children unless invited to do so by their parents.
-No photography allowed in Kohler Water Spa.
-Nothing naughtier than poop jokes.
-All entries must be posted to Instagram and tagged with these tags: #lunaticandswanstudios and #civilizedcreatures. (Once you use each of these tags, you will only have to type the first few letters before the tag pops up.)
-All photos in the American Club should include a comment tagging them @theamericanclub.
-All faces in the photo must have an animal mask.  Photos of unmasked faces may be posted to Instagram but should not include the photo hunt related tags and do not count as photo hunt submissions.
-Both members of the team must take at least one of the photos, and appear in at least one of the photos.
-First couple to submit at least one example of each photo hunt item to Instagram wins a bottle of whiskey.

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