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Friday, July 18, 2014

Happy Bag - a GoFundMe thank you gift for Jessica

Of all the commissioned tote bags I am making as thank you gifts for my crowd-funding campaign, one special request stood out.  "Make something happy, whatever that means for you."  The result is slightly different from the rest of the bags, and definitely a lot more personal.  Ultimately I chose the word folly, to convey the joyfulness in foolishness alongside the foolishness of pursuing joy above all else.  The bag is hand-dyed with all natural locally sourced ingredients purchased at the farmers market in my hometown.  The bag was then embroidered by hand, which is a hobby / skill that I taught myself to keep productive during a period when I was bed ridden.  Finally, the bag is decorated with brightly colored fabric paints.  The bag is imperfect and strange, which I think suits its inspiration.

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