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Monday, October 19, 2009

The cowl I've been craving...

The crisp fall air has hastened me to commission a cowl from my dear poetess friend, Emily. Yesterday was a gorgeous autumn day (I wore a skirt and no socks!) and we went to her favorite yarn store, Loop.

I tried to follow my grandmother’s shopping advice: look at everything, and then go back and pick up what you remember liking best. But the price tags on some of the exquisite hand-dyed yarns of luxurious fiber mixes (cashmere, alpaca, silk) made me quickly select some pretty sustainable yarns that were closer to my budget.

Although I spent most of the shopping trip carrying around a skein of light gray 100% cotton yarn, I was later seduced by a smaller skein of gray labeled “Alpaca Silk”. It was slightly less yarn, and cost one dollar more. The feeling on my neck was enchanting. I risked a shortage of yarn to purchase this little strand of divinity. It would look and feel lovely mixed with the cotton yarn that had been dyed pastel colors that reminded me of antique lingerie and lace.

I watched Emily begin the project later that night, and I am already thrilled! I have plenty of vintage scarves to get me through the production phase, and I am patient because I know that this cowl neck scarf will be perfect for Spring. The young flowers will envy me!


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