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Friday, October 9, 2009

The lunacy begins.

Though the voting poll on my other blog is still open, I have already set my heart on The Lunatic & The Swan as the name for my new handmade brand identity. It was the only choice that was truly unique and just my own, and so future customers will have no other associations with the phrase except with my beautiful unique creations.

My first Etsy shop took many months to bring to full operation. I wanted to proceed with caution and diligence. Of course no amount of preparation prevents the near constant evolution that every handmade business undergoes. Still I anticipate that the first products may not appear for at least a few more weeks. I have spent the last few months perfecting my embroidery skills, and will probably release a line of embroidered wrist cuffs to start with.

I am still working on the various visuals that get associated with the internet presence of a brand identity. I wanted to maintain some elements that were in my previous blog. As you can see, I used an example of my art photography for this blog header as I have done with the others. However I think the Etsy banner may require a more masterful blend of art photography and merchandise photography. I will have to scrounge up some free time on a weekend to have a photo shoot in the daylight. I have a few product prototypes that I can mix in with my usual artistic flair for surrealist makeup and superlative wigs.

I am now managing 3 blogs, plus one new collaborative blog. I need to sit down and decide how to differentiate and distribute content between the blogs. Although I fear that I may have diversified myself a bit too much, I feel instinctively that it is the most appropriate course of action. Still, I suspect each blog will gather followers much more slowly than if one blog contained the content of all 3.

Maybe one day I will become a true indiepreneur and all this blogging will have been well worth it.

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