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Thursday, November 19, 2009

Walrus Wedding

A couple of weeks ago I was hired by my wonderful friends Andrew and Emily to be their wedding planner!
Because they have a tight budget, we agreed on a method of bartering goods and services instead of traditional monetary compensation.  Emily is making me a gorgeous gray and pastel cowl made from silk, alpaca, and merino wool right now!

Since the wedding blog hasn't been set up yet, and I want to start posting some of my ideas and discoveries, I thought I'd share a bit on here.

The groom is decidedly obsessed with walruses.  He came to my Mad Tea Party last Spring as a Walrus, and whenever he has a moment of free time, he looks up pictures of walruses on his smart phone.  Whenever we have a wedding planning meeting, he tries to find any way possible to get walruses into the decorating.  Since I unmercifully vetoed the idea for a walrus shaped cake, I want to find something else that's really special that will fit seamlessly into the rest of the wedding plans while also satiating his want for walruses!  Here's a few lovely Etsy finds that fit the walrus theme...

This cute pin (or magnet! or keychain!) is sold by theangryrobot.  These would make great favors.

This gorgeous pin is sold by tarataratara.  I envision it on the groom's lapel.

This tote bag by wonkyrocket would be a great alternative to a gift basket for the members of the wedding party.

Here's another tote, this time by rainbowswirlz.  It comes in several colors, and could be matched to an overall color scheme.

I adore this card by erinaellis.  It combines the theme of love and romance with walruses!  What could be more perfect for a wedding.

This walrus journal by kilfish might be a nice gift for someone in the wedding party.

These labels definitely show off the potential for a walrus to be cute.  I can think of a dozen uses for them.  They are sold by nutandbee.

The bride and groom were considering walrus cake toppers.  These plastic resin figurines by thebili were the closest I could find.  A little veil and top hat might do the trick...

Another adorable love themed walrus card, this time by smackofjellyfish.  The inside of the card reads: "I would growl, grunt and bark for your affection."

Though we are still in the drudgery of the early planning stages, we'll soon be into the fun part of choosing and making all the details that will make this wedding truly special.


  1. Hey,,, What a great wedding planner you are! If I ever get married, you are hired! I'm only 40 so I got plenty of time!
    The Walrus lapel pin was created from my artistic sculptural obsession to carve beautiful charactures of animal faces while working on a group of endangered species. There is high speculation today that global warming is thinning the ice caps where they mate and currently they are stampeding for space and many end up dieing in the race for ice space..
    So anyway,, thanks SOOO MUCH for admiring my warlus pin and I bet the groom will have ever lasting walrus happiness with his new bride to be!

  2. What a great idea! Thanks so much for including my "if you were a walrus" card.


  3. Hey, Alexis! I think we may have met a couple of times, but I'm a friend of Emily's and really excited for her wedding! Just wanted to comment and say that those walrus cake toppers would be absolutely adorable...!