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Thursday, December 31, 2009

Seaside Sacred Space

When I first began filling my sketchbook with fabric swatches and paint samples, I envisioned a seaside color scheme for this room.  I was specifically thinking of the warm sky blue that artists usually paint Mother Mary's robe.  Gold was a quick and easy choice for a warm contrast; it's like the gold illumination so many holy women and men have in icons of all religions.  After choosing some paint for my inspired stackable cube shelves, and putting most of my sacred statue collection in their new home, the rest of the room has just been evolving from here.

I first junk picked a few of these cube shelves and after discovering how delightfully versatile they are, I bought some wood at Home Depot and made a bunch more!

My holy family include many Virgin Mary's and just as many Buddhas.  There are also a number of dashboard Jesuses and a handfull of Saints.  And to round it out, I've included a few earthy pagan pieces, like antique jars preserving white moths and tiny snakes.

Though the first couch I've ever owned fits the color scheme and is in its place, I'm waiting to share pictures of the rest of the room till I feel I've got it just right.

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