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Tuesday, December 29, 2009

The White Elephant Gifts

Somewhere along the way my dad’s family traditions evolved to include a white elephant gift exchange at Christmas. The family practices a somewhat different version involving a big circle of people passing gifts back and forth between them based on verbal cues in a trite little holiday tale. This year I thought it would be fun to return to the classic version of the game as an excuse to throw a party for my friends while the weather is cold and the coffers are empty.

The guest who brought that box forgot to wrap it before he came, so I got my eye on it right away!  Though Leo won it, she eventually volunteered to trade me for a small pirate statue.

This was voted the worst gift, and Emily was later able to take the last gift standing, which included a beautiful scarf and some other little treasures. 

When Andrew took this photograph he said, "That's the appropriate face to make when receiving socks."  The truth is, I gave Becky socks for her real gift, so I think it's very fitting!  She likes socks!

Although Mike appears to be enjoying his gift here, by wearing it on his face, he actually had no use for it and gave it back to me (I'm the one who put it under the White Elephant tree).

White Elephant is a great way to send all the guests home with gifts without breaking the bank.  Most gifts are something the giver has lying around, that is sure to entertain the game players when it emerges from its' wrapping paper cocoon.  Though some of the gifts weren't quite gags, and made the receiver very happy.  All in all it was a beautiful site to see the tree surrounded by gifts!  Check out pictures of the tree in my next blog entry!

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