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Tuesday, December 29, 2009

The White Elephant Tree

Another Christmas ritual that I was able to recreate for our little gathering of friends, was the decorating of the Christmas tree. A few years ago, my grandmother gave me a box of old ornaments she was no longer interested in using. The box contains a wonderful variety of vintage gems, creating a collage of kitsch when they all hang together on the branches. The guests also made a few of their own, with tooth picks, napkins, and bottle corks. It made the whole process a great deal quicker and more enjoyable than when I have to decorate the tree by myself!

Melanie holds the first ornament to go on the tree!  It opens up like a plastic easter egg;  I assumed it was originally a creative way to give a gift.

I think Monica looks like a Christmas gnome in this picture.  I love that hat!

Emily adds an ornament.  She is the photographer's fiancee, and I noticed there were more of her on the roll than anyone else.  ;-)


Here I am digging through the box in search of more ornaments as the girls contemplate where the tree is bare and in need of more decoration.

Melanie stands next to the completed tree.

All in all the night was a lovely way to celebrate christmas, blending old traditions with new traditions.  It also geared me up to throw my annual Mad Tea Party in 2010!

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