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Tuesday, December 22, 2009

The White Elephant Party

In the interest of simultaneously entertaining several holiday season out-of-town guests, I hosted a White Elephant Party this year.  The celebration combined some of my favorite things: food, champagne, friends, and kitschy holiday traditions.  Several people helped bringing this party together, including two different guys named Andrew (and one guy whose last name was Andrews).

Andrew, pictured here listening to me, made three marvelous mixed CD's and dutifully listened for when the music stopped and the disc needed to be changed.

Melanie, pictured here on the right, travelled from Madison to be with us.

I bought those large ornaments at my own rummage sale.

Here I am, frozen in the moment after the cork has fired and before the bottle begins gushing.

My second friend named Andrew (Andrew Hinkle) photographed the party; I am planning his wedding and using his talents to document our little celebration is part of a larger barter. 

Then there was my friend Mark, who called me at the last minute to say he was flying into town (from Minneapolis) to help me cook for the party.  (Read about the food in my next blog entry!)

In the end, I had three over night house guests who came for the party!  Two were from out of state, and one I hadn't seen in almost four years.  The party was all about the people, and like almost all of my gatherings, everyone inevitably sat in a big circle around the biggest table, talking.

It was lovely.

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