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Thursday, December 3, 2009

the thrill of fresh markers

On his way home on Sunday night my boyfriend, Mike, discovered a mom and pop art supply store going out of business. Though the shelves were mostly bare, there was a selection of over 200 art markers. He said the prices on them ranged from $2 up to $5 each. Mike is an expert haggler and apparently he offered $20 for the whole lot, and the owner accepted. When he came over to the house and laid out his bounty, I drooled. Since he had doubles of some of the colors, he ended up giving me 63 of them. There's almost nothing more exciting than new arts & craft supplies.

I still need to find the perfect container for them, since I am currently obsessed with storage solutions.

The colors are exactly what I would've chosen if I'd been able to pick.

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