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Thursday, January 21, 2010

Pretty in Pink and Purple and Other Pastels

For my 8th birthday, my dad and uncles surprised me and transformed an awkward side room on the second floor of my grandmother’s ranch style house into my little girl dream of a pink and purple bedroom. Everything was the pastel lace kitsch that you’d expect. The slanted ceiling even had a wall paper border featuring fairy tale cottages surrounded by flowers.

All the bedding and pillows were hand sewn by my crafty grandmother.

After 16 years, I’ve decorated in themes of black and blood red, emerald green and royal purple, and anything neon that I could get my hands on. I’ve been around the aesthetic block. But I think I am starting to return to my roots. I long for pastels; for a fairy tale shabby chic. Thank goodness for thrift stores, Home Depot, and Etsy!

I’ve been re-doing my bedroom in a style not unlike that surprise birthday redecoration 16 years ago, but it’s not ready for an unveiling. In the meantime, here are some Etsy treasures that inspire me in the style that I’m currently aiming for.

This wall decal by ArtConductor would bring a fresh and whimsical feel to the walls without overburdening them with the repetitous patterns of wall paper.

There's almost nothing girlier than this scented sachet by discerningchichi.  Wouldn't it be lovely to have all your t-shirts and socks coming from their drawer smelling like lavendar and roses?

This garland by Poppylarity is one of the cutest "upcyclings" of vintage materials that I've seen in a while, and the floral patterns would definitely bring a shabby chic vibe to a room.

This delicate lampshade by nice would be a lovely little touch, don't you think?

Sadly this creamer by manland has already sold out.  I do love a tea party, and this would look gorgeous on a nice table cloth surrounded by cups of jasmine green tea and almond scones.

This serving plate by FoxandClover gives a slight modern twist to the beauty of the doilies


  1. What a lucky little girl you were Alexis! You have chosen a fantastic selection - love the creamer and the doilies (my mum used to crochet doilies). Thanks for including my sachet :)

  2. i love realizing certain elements that have stuck with me since childhood and since resurfaced! you're going to have a lot of fun creating this room! thanks for thinking of my light shade in your roundup :)