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Sunday, January 17, 2010

Steampunk Wedding: Bridesmaid Accessories

Almost immediately after announcing her engagement, the bride had already purchased the bridesmaid dresses from a fantastic local designer called Moshi Moshi. The color and style of the dresses have been a starting off place for the rest of the wedding's color scheme. I am thinking a great way to add a touch of steam punk style without heavy doses of clockworks will be to use the dark Victorian femininity so prominent in steam punk fashion. Here are some really lovely steam punk accessories that I think would look great on the bridesmaids at Andrew and Emily's wedding!

I am thinking feather fascinators, lace, and boleros...

This rooster feather headband by mandiesuee has beautiful colors and textures.

This feather fascinator by PegasusMaiden matches the colors of the brides maid dresses perfectly: coppery reds, black and shades of white.

This lace necklace by treeandkimball would accentuate the black lace and pearl details in some of the bridesmaid dresses.

This black silk bolero by maryandangelika would add a victorian element to the bridal party's ensembles.

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