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Sunday, January 17, 2010

Steampunk Wedding: Bridal Accessories

It's that time in the wedding planning process to start buying wedding accessories.  And since it's the bride's special day, why not look at some special accessories with a steampunk flair just for her?

This raw silk bolero by maryandangelika would be a really lovely way of giving her outfit a bit of edwardian refinement.

This bolero by bonzie is also made from raw silk and would be another gorgeous way to keep the bride's shoulders warm.

Though this particular vintage parasol sold by GraciesCottage might be a bit too shabby for the bride to use as is, it is still a truly exquisite piece that definitely evokes the antique style I associate with steampunk.

This small parasol sold by VintageWarehouse is for a child and might not do much to protect the bride from the elements, but it would certaintly add an elegant touch to her ensemble.

This lace clutch by recycledrings would be the perfect combination of useful and beautiful for any bride to carry around.

These bridal cuffs by bonheur are a delicate adornation for the wrist and filled with sumptuous textures.

This bouquet by buttonmoonbouquet would be a delightful and unique alternative to flowers, and these button blossoms would last forever! 

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