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Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Surrealette Vernal Glamping Trip: Pie!

The host and hostess of the upcoming "Surrealette's Vernal Glamping Trip" were the very bride and groom whose wedding I helped plan (and blogged about) in 2010.  In order to warm Mr. Walrus up to the idea of sharing his beloved family cabin with his wife's friends, I decided to add a pie to the menue.  Since I dare not try to top his mother's own pecan pie in a her kitchen, I thought a key lime pie from (nearly) scratch might be within my means at the cabin.  I found this recipe at Hummingbird High that I think I will use as a starting point.  I already decided that the graham crackers for my s'mores would be store bought, and so I will be skipping that first part.  It's based on a recipe from the Martha Stewart Magazine and I trust their test kitchen staff.  I'll have to find a lemon zester to replace the one I lost to complete the task, but if not I can usually improvise well with a small sharp serrated knife and a steady hand.  I picked up a few things at my favorite thrift store today and I'll return soon to search for more supplies.  I'm also thinking of adapting the recipe for the muffin tins I'm planning to bring along for the quiches and potato au gratins, and for help doing that I might turn to Your Cup of Cake's recipe.

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