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Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Jamie and Alexis Soup: Upcoming Collaborations

One of the two projects I have in the works with my  longtime collaborator, Jamie Knight, is a new genre of music video without the music.  We'll be co-writing a piece titled "The Little Voice" and first recording a reading of it.  Afterwards we'll work together on the concept and she'll help me with shooting.  Hopefully it will help keep poetry alive in this increasingly visual culture.  Otherwise I'll feel pretty silly for getting that college degree in creative writing.  As if I didn't already.

The second project I'll be working on with Jamie this week is a mail-art mixed-media collaboration.  We're each compiling two near identical packages of art paper, collage materials, and other ephemera.  Then we will randomly select one of the two large brown envelopes we've prepared to send to the other.  After receiving our packages, we will use half the materials we compiled and half the materials our partner compiled to make two 9 x 12 mixed media collages.  Finally we'll share and compare results.

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