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Monday, October 7, 2013

Vow of Quiet: Day One (10/6/13)

Vow of Quiet 2013 - Day One

Would you take fifty cents for this?  Would you take fifty cents for this?
Was that specifically the church that I was baptized in?
May I have-?

Oh no, would you get me a napkin?
Will you pour me a large glass of prune juice?
If you read blogs generally or at all, you should read my blog.  If my blog were the most important artistic expressive output that I had, you should read my blog.  If you want one location to see a concise summary of what’s happening with the Vow of Quiet, then you should read my blog.  But... you are not obligated, by any means, to read my blog.
Where is your mineral oil?  We are going to have to do multiple treatments, so that size bottle is a good idea.  Do you know why the flag is at half mast today?
I feel guilty for asking, but is it still alright if I record the things I say to you?  Would you like to be with your friends tonight?  Would you like to go over to [your friend’s] tonight or have him over here?  Would you like me to suspend the vow of quiet until another time?  Would you feel more comfortable having him, or [another friend] over if I were at my parent’s, or if I stayed in the bedroom?  Do you want me to stay here while you go?  Yeah, it’s OK.  Did you know I wrote a song about a woman that I know who killed herself?  I believe so, yes.  No, but, our paths crossed in many ways.  
My underwear are in the bathtub.  
Do you think you’ll go anywhere tonight?  Would you like me to come with you to [the pizza place]?  Would you prefer just to bike over there alone tonight?  Will you call [your friend] tonight?  Will you call [your friend] before you talk to [the pizza place]?  Is there anything in particular you would like to do now before you call [your friend]?  Is there anyone else you need to tell?      Do you remember that you are always allowed to ask me questions whenever you need to?      Is there anything else I can do?  Are you sure it’s OK if the things I’ve been saying go in the transcript?  Should I censor out people’s names?
That’s fine.
Of course.
    I will post one day at a time.  Punctuality isn’t important.  But, each day will be presented on the blog as a single post, whether the post occurs at the end of that day or several days later in a group of posts, each of a single day.
    Do you want help working through the pain or numbing the pain?  Yes, I hear it.  Would it be weird to have pizza for dinner?


    So I wrote something. Do you want to hear it?  Do you want to hear it even if it’s sad?

No, I did not finish the guest book.  I was considering finishing it tonight, but now I think I’d like to sit in the bed next to you.  Would you be able to sleep with that bedside light on?  Is there any light source you can sleep through?  Is there a light source in another room that I could bring in, that would be softer and dimmer than that?  No.  Is there anything you want me to do while I shut off the lights?
We’ll try and if it doesn’t work out, like other nights before, we’ll pick her up and put her outside and shut the door.
Does the light bother you?
Well, what do you want?
Did you get it?
Do you want me to turn off the light?
            Hey!  No fighting in bed.

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