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Monday, October 7, 2013

Vow of Quiet: Day Two (10/7/13)

Vow of Quiet 2013 - Day Two

Hey!  Get out of here!  Hey!  Hey!  
Don’t do that.

What?  Is someone there? Is that the mail?  
Excuse me, I have been expecting two packages that haven’t arrived, one with red and white stripes, can you help me?  They are from Stevens Point.  They were sent over a week ago.  They called their post office, who told her to tell me to ask my mail carrier.  So where do I go from here?  Just wait?  
Thank you.  Yes.  I am Mario’s girlfriend.  Alexis.  He’s told me about you, and your cats.  Yes.  We have cats; one is a few months old and one is a few years old.  I love cats in windows.  Thank you again for helping me find the mail carrier.  Have a good day.  

No, but she likes to knock the rocks out of the yellow dish and that’s how her whiskers got singed.  So I decided we should stop putting rocks around the candles.    


I went outside to check the mail, and I looked around for the mail man, and the neighbor saw me, and she asked, “Are you looking for the mailman?”  And without thinking I said, “Yes.”  And she pointed him out, and I ran over, and I had a whole exchange with the mailman, unrecorded.  And then as I was walking back to the house, actually jogging back to the house, she stopped me for a chit chat.  And I didn’t even realize it had happened until, like, an hour later when suddenly I thought to myself, I have to transcribe whatever I can remember of that, because I didn’t expect to see anyone when I went outside to check the mail.

Hey! Hey!

Oh god.
Tonight or tomorrow I'm going to deposit the cash that I have been waiting for dad to get from me.  Either tonight or tomorrow, I want to go to the [dollar store], the party store, and [the craft store] to get supplies because I offered to help [my friend's] with their wedding favors.  If I go tonight, yes, but I might wait until tomorrow when you are out of town.

*Do you want to come with me?
            My last recording got deleted by my phone.  Do you remember what the last thing I was saying out loud was?  I remember asking, "Do you want to come with me?"

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