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Friday, December 20, 2013

Profitable Boredom: pin to win glory just in time for the holidays

It is not often my Internet browsing and object-coveting is profitable. But this holiday season even my least productive hobbies have proven useful.

After discovering the new-to-me concept of "pin it to win it contests" through makr's blog, I spent hours upon hours researching the best and carefully curating entries.  I found a few other contests with different but equally satisfying creative components along the way.  For my second makr contest, a Food52 collaboration, I had to "dream shop" online and write a little blog-style copy.  A few weeks later I received an email with a link to a blog entry announcing I had won. Along with another store credit I earned by signing up with the site when I entered, I was able to buy two swanky Christmas gifts.  By spending a little of my my own money on four more gifts, I got free shipping on the whole lot.

Another contest that I found on Pinterest was run by a fair trade advocacy group attempting to raise awareness for fair tuesday, an alternative to Black Friday. This was one of the most challenging and rewarding boards to curate. I searched dozens of websites, adding and then carefully pruning photos until I was satisfied with the board as a whole collection. The hard work paid off. Though I didn't see the message for almost a week, the #fairTuesdaygifts contest judges contacted me on Pinterest and said I was one of the lucky runner-ups to receive a whole suite of fair trade goodies from around the world.  I am "secretly" pleased they will arrive after the holidays so why don't feel obligated to give them all as gifts.

Check back for more details and photos of prizes as they arrive and are unwrapped!

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