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Thursday, July 3, 2014

I Need a New Camera -- my first crowdfunding campaign

Hello.  My name is Alexis, and I need a new camera.

This is my first ever attempt at running my own crowd-funding campaign, and I decided to attempt it now (shortly before my birthday), so at the very least I may get a few donations in lieu of gifts.  I also hope to use this campaign to increase the on-line presence of Lunatic and Swan Studios and inspire more audience engagement.

Over the course of six weeks, I will be attempting to raise $1,000 to replace my broken camera.    I will be inviting friends, family, and total strangers to contribute in exchange for thank you gifts.  Every level of donation comes with a reward of approximate or greater value.  For instance, a $100 donation is rewarded with a hand-painted cape that took over 12 hours to make.  After my birthday in August, I will withdraw the funds I was able to raise and buy a new DSLR camera.

Unlike some campaigns, all donations are accepted immediately and used whether the total goal is met by the deadline or not.  That means donors do not have to wait until the end of the campaign before receiving their thank-you gifts.  Though some custom orders may take several weeks to complete, most will be sent to the donor within seven days.  Individuals will need to submit their information when making a donation in order to receive their thank you gifts, but they do not need to sign up for an account on any of the websites used.

All donations, including those intended as birthday gifts, will be sent the corresponding reward unless otherwise noted by the donor or submitted anonymously.

I will be advertising the campaign periodically with videos about each of the donor levels and their accompanying thank you gifts, as well as updates on the progress of the campaign.

The most important message that I want potential donors to remember is, that this piece of equipment represents something more.  For me, it is the possibility of a livelihood.

To make a donation, go to:

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