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Wednesday, July 2, 2014

The Life and Death of a Camera

A storm is at your back door, and you have to leave out the front; you only have time to grab one thing.  What is it?

For ten years, the answer was simple, fast and easy to give.  "Camera bag."  In every disaster except zombies it contained the best chance I had for making art and making a living.  There's no question what I would be holding as I watched nature destroy everything else that I owned.  I might even be snapping a shot with it.

Metaphorically speaking, this happened to me.  In fact, it happened more than once.  Chronic illness made my life feel like tornado alley, and like a wolf bullied pig, I built stronger with each destruction.

These days, I am solid.  Though I have five years of difficult journey documented in brutal detail, the most profitable years of my recovery represent a distinct emptiness in my portfolio.  These years have been more than prolific, but my beloved camera did not live to see them.  After limping through numerous malfunctions, my DSLR died suddenly last fall from a single well placed rain drop.  

After grieving privately for almost a year, and distracting myself by studying the burgeoning art of iPhoneography, I have decided to move on.  Next week I will be launching my first ever crowd-funding campaign to buy a new camera.  I am very excited to try something new, and am hopeful about the results.

Check back here, or on YouTube for more information in the coming days.

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