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Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Self Portraits in Bathroom Mirrors

The silver lining on the cloud of one particular ER visit in my adolescence (the reason for which I cannot now recall) was discovery a beautiful article on the website for The Mirror Project in an Oprah Magazine.

In college I submitted to this website often, and even printed out a screen shot of their home page when one of my submissions was chosen as a "notable recent entry".  Though I have not submitted anything to them in a long time, the urge to take my self portrait in mirrors (and other reflective surfaces) remains strong.  I beleive it was always strong, even before discovering the website, which is probably why the first hour browsing it was so magical.  Me and thousands of people all over the world get iPhones with cameras just for the bizarre hobby of photographing oneself in bathroom mirrors.  Are you one of those people?  I'd love to see.

Of course bathroom mirrors aren't the only reflective surfaces out there.  I often find shiny objects to photograph my reflection in while out dabbling in my other hobby: covert iPhone photography while shopping.  I will post some of those self portraits in my next blog entry!

P.S. I had some trouble getting the mirror project link to work, and there seem to be some other websites with the same name, so I'll share a working link to the right website as soon as I find one!

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